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It’s about time I started tracking my own training so I thought I would start a video log. I’ve got a long way to go till I’m as strong as I think I should be but I’m moving in the right direction. Here’s video of me doing a set of standing barbell overhead press. Note that I’ve not called it a military press because my feet aren’t together. The form isn’t perfect as it was done at the end of a number of pretty intense sets of alternating shoulder press with pull ups.

The sets and reps performed were as follows:

This was done at the end of the shoulder press session so the form isn’t perfect. Sets and reps prior to this set were:
50kg x 5 + 10 Pull ups
55kg x 5 + 8 Pull ups
60kg x 7 + 6 Pull Ups
62.5kg x 4 + 5 Pull ups
62.5kg x 4 + 5 Pull ups
50kg x 8

The standing overhead press is a great movement for developing shoulders but it also works the core abdominal and back muscles as well as your legs as these are needed to stabilise you through the movement.

Excuse my training partners cheesy voiceover!

Strong Bench Press Video

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Training Videos

I came across this bench pressing video on YouTube and thought I’d share it. This is a pretty impressive display of upper body strength. It takes a combination of strength and endurance to be able to press 100kg for 23 reps, especially at a body weight of 88kg. To be able to bench press 100kg for 20 repetitions is one of my goals. I’ll get there one day!